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  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd offers turnkey solutions for specialised high performance coatings, concrete rehabilitation,waterproofing, structural repair and general maintenance projects since 1998 in South Africa

  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd makes use of Green processes and products wherever they are available resulting in a small carbon footprint to ensure the projects completed are sustainable with the least possible environmental impact.

  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd make use of branded suppliers and products only to ensure all workmanship and product is guaranteed to the maximum term available. This is supported with the use of Independent External Quality Assurers to ensure that all work carried out is of the highest quality.

  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd uses rope access, hoisting gondolas and associated user friendly methodologies to improve on safety and productivity.


  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd  is committed to employ and uplift through training people from the local areas in which major projects are being undertaken.


  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd  is committed to  Health and Safety regulations and believe that it contributes not only a safe work environment, but also inevitably leads to a committed workforce. 


  • CITI-CON (Pty) Ltd is affiliated with the MBA, as well as being a approved BBB-EE company in South Africa.

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