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CITI-CON began as a small Close Corporation in 1998 under the leadership of Andre Vermeulen, doing waterproofing projects in the residential market. This focus was quickly broadened to include the commercial sector.


Around this time, Ernest Ndaba came on board as a waterproofing labourer. Today, Ernest is a Site Agent, one of the CITI-CON's most valued and experienced employees.


One of the central goals of CITI-CON is the upliftment and skills development of all staff, ensuring that the standard of living is being improved. CITI-CON also employs geographically local casual staff wherever possible, bringing about a situation that members of a specific community or neighborhood are employed by, and involved in the upliftment of buildings in their environment, giving a sense of pride to local communities. This has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of worker’s transport.


In 2006, the scope of work was expanded to include painting. This addition of value-added services continues today, with CITI-CON currently offering complete turnkey solutions that range from painting, waterproofing, structural repair and general maintenance projects, to project managing internal improvement projects.


In 2009, CITI-CON once again struck out on their own. The company was rebranded to reflect it’s current environmentally friendly expertise with a clean, modern new brand identity.

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